Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Brandsrope. Following are the key facets of Brandsrope terms and conditions. Readers are requested to keep a check as Brandsrope reserves the right to edit/change/delete any point mentioned below at any time

Payment Terms

Brandsrope offers a variety of payment gateways for customers through which purchase-related activities are carried out. These include:

Cash On Delivery (COD)

In Pakistan, most people prefer online shopping through cash on delivery (COD). At Brandsrope, we realize the importance of COD solutions for customers and vendors alike. By prioritizing their requirements regarding secure payment, Brandsrope also believes in providing COD solutions for the ease of their valued customers. Thus, as a customer, you can shop conveniently at Brandsrope, and once the order is received at your doorstep, you can pay cash to our delivery agent. Before the order gets dispatched to your location, our customer care representative will confirm your order via call, and you'll also receive an order confirmation email.

Returns and Refunds

The returns and refunds policy is available on the returns and refunds page.

User Product Reviews

A user/customer can express their disappointment or satisfaction with the products they purchased from the vendors at the Brandsrope website. The rating of products helps vendors and customers learn about the quality of the product. While providing feedback to the vendors, buyers should keep in mind that they should avoid using abusive language in their comments and reviews. Brandsrope reserves the right to delete any such comment that Brandsrope feels is inappropriate and below ethical boundaries.

Prohibited Activities

Brandsrope has a strict policy for vendors regarding selling prohibited products or engaging in prohibited activities, such as selling weapons, alcoholic beverages, drugs, animal vaccines, relics and artifacts, and unlawful and hazardous products on our marketplace. If any vendor is found to sell the products mentioned above or those that deemed illegal according to the laws governed by the Government of Pakistan. In that case, their account will be suspended/terminated without notification.

  • Account Suspension
  • Account Termination
  • Account Suspension

If a vendor is selling substandard products or is engaged in other unethical activities that do not comply with the policies of Brandsrope, their selling privileges will be suspended. Following this, they will be required to produce a Plan of Action (POA) to us, and after the support inspection, the decision to withhold or resume status will be taken.

Account Termination

If a seller/vendor is repeatedly warned for indulging in the activities prohibited by Brandsrope, the seller may face a permanent ban on their seller privileges.

Ordering & Delivery

Brandsrope is a marketplace that offers products from its numerous vendors, providing products in a wide range of categories. Customers can purchase their products through Cash on delivery (COD). Brandsrope intends to include more payment options in the future.

Delivery Time

Many factors are related to delivery time while purchasing a product from a Brandsrope vendor. Usually, the time of delivery is 3-5 business days; however, in some cases, the delay may occur in case of bad weather issues, national events, or religious festivals

Warranty Policy

Brandsrope provides a checking/replacement warranty of 5 days. But it can vary from product to product and vendor to vendor. The checking warranty starts when the product is delivered to the doorstep. In case a product suffers malfunction, then the customer has a right to get it replaced. However, for this purpose, a customer must provide video proof to get the product replaced or avail a refund. In case of low-quality products or dissatisfaction, customers cannot claim a warranty policy if they change their minds after purchasing the product. For warranty claims and related matters, customers must read the product description carefully before buying every item, especially electronics, mobiles, appliances, etc.

Third-Party Businesses

Besides the vendors available at Brandsrope, we extend our marketplace to other third-party businesses to showcase their products and services. However, we do not endorse, guarantee, or warrant, the products they listed, their content, or their actions. To register as a third-party business, Brandsrope support must be contacted first.

Copyright & Trademarks

All the materials, trademarks, or service marks available on the Brandsrope website, including characters or logos, are the property of Brandsrope. The content available on the website cannot be used without written permission from Brandsrope. Under Companies Ordinance 1962, Trademarks Ordinance, 2001, and other laws applicable, Brandsrope reserve the right to take legal action against such unethical and unlawful activities.

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Mens Fashion Clothes


PKR 199.00

June 28,2022

Mens Fashion Clothes


PKR 199.00

June 28,2022

Mens Fashion Clothes


PKR 199.00

June 28,2022

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