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Kids Painting Board Desk Arts And Crafts Projection Educational Learning Toy Led Projector Art Drawing Table Toys

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Product details of Kids Painting Board Desk Arts And Crafts Projection Educational Learning Toy Led Projector Art Drawing Table Toys

  • Gender: Unisex
  • Age Range: 4 to 9 Years
  • Product Name: Projector Drawing Board Toy Set
  • Material: Plastic
  • Function: Bring Joyful
  • Description: Kids Drawing Toys
  • Feature: Parent-Child Interaction
  • Company number:SQY00185722
  • Name:(L)Giraffe projection painting table Pink+Yellow(Mixed)
  • Packaging:Color box
  • Product specifications×× CM
  • Packaging specifications34.5×23.5×9 CM
  • Outer box specification:96×58×64 CM
  • Inside/Outer packing capacity:2/48 PCS
  • Volume/Volume:CBM/CUTE
  • Wool/Net Weight:26/24

Introducing the "Creative Glow Projection Art Desk," a captivating and educational toy designed to inspire young minds through interactive drawing and projection. This innovative desk combines LED technology with artistic expression, creating a dynamic platform for children's learning and creativity.


1.      LED Cartoon Patterns Projector: The Creative Glow Projection Art Desk features a built-in LED projector with charming cartoon patterns. This projector adds a magical touch to the drawing experience, allowing kids to trace and recreate delightful characters for a fun and engaging artistic journey.

2.      Interactive Learning: The LED projector doubles as an educational tool, displaying various patterns that facilitate interactive learning. Children can explore letters, numbers, and shapes, turning the drawing session into an educational adventure that combines creativity with early learning.

3.      Adjustable Projection Patterns: The projector offers a variety of adjustable cartoon patterns, providing endless possibilities for creative expression. Kids can switch between different characters and scenes, ensuring a dynamic and ever-changing canvas for their artistic endeavors.

4.      Large Drawing Surface: The desk features a spacious drawing surface, providing ample room for artistic exploration. The surface is easy to clean, allowing for mess-free creativity and encouraging children to express themselves freely.

5.      LED Illumination for Precision: Integrated LED lighting on the drawing surface ensures clear visibility of details, helping children focus on their artwork with precision. The gentle illumination enhances the overall drawing experience.

6.      Sturdy and Child-Safe Construction: Safety is a top priority with the Creative Glow Projection Art Desk. The desk is constructed with sturdy materials and rounded edges, ensuring a secure and child-friendly environment for hours of imaginative play.

7.      Electronic Learning Module: The desk includes an electronic learning module that reinforces basic concepts such as letters, numbers, and shapes. This module adds an additional layer of educational value to the play experience.

8.      Convenient Storage: The desk is equipped with storage compartments for art supplies and accessories, promoting organization and making it easy for kids to access their materials whenever inspiration strikes.

9.      Adjustable Height: Designed with adjustable height settings, the Creative Glow Projection Art Desk grows with your child. This feature ensures ergonomic comfort, providing a suitable workspace as your child continues to develop and grow.

Encourage your child's creativity and learning with the Creative Glow Projection Art Desk – where imagination comes to life in a world of animated patterns and artistic expression!

Specifications of Kids Painting Board Desk Arts And Crafts Projection Educational Learning Toy Led Projector Art Drawing Table Toys 

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