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7 x Clear Stackable Tupperware Tubs Plastic Food Storage Boxes

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Product details of 7 x Clear Stackable Tupperware Tubs Plastic Food Storage Boxes

  • Easy open and Leakproof Lids: We use food containers very frequently every day, which inspire us to design easy open and install lids. Due to the high requirements of the process, the food containers are good for soup or liquids food. Don't worry about liquid leaking out.
  • Different Sizes of Containers: To meet different food storage needs, the large size ones are suitable for kitchen foods, including vegetable fruits, dried soybeans, noodles, etc. , the medium-sized boxes are perfect for picnics, cut-outs and elaborate sandwiches and Sala, and smaller lunch boxes can be used to bring the energy food needed for a day's work in office. This simple suit brings you the health and energy all day.
  • Space-saving: Stacking 7 boxes together only takes up the maximum size of the box space. Moreover, the lids specially designed with a stack ,they can be snapped and don't appear messy when you need to remove multiple covers.
  • Containers in different sizes makes it a multi-purpose use for storing food items at home or outside
  • Transparent Plastic Circular Food Storage Boxes
  • Food Container with Rainbow Lids
  • 7Pcs Transparent different size with Rainbow Lids Food Storage.
  • Materials polypropylene and polyethylene.
  • Shrink wrapped with a full color label.
  • Quality food grade material, used for storing food, snacks, nuts, fruits, etc., preservation, moisture-proof.
  • A set of seven different sizes, affordable, can be classified storage, keep the taste high transparency, good sealing, stylish and durable.
  • Can be used for dishwasher cleaning, durable, convenient and affordable, good sealing
  • Both sides of box designed to highlight the handle, convenient handling.
  • The 7 boxes can be stacked together, not accounted for space, convenient and practical

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