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25 Best Online Earning Websites and Apps in Pakistan


You are at the right place if you want to know about online earning websites in Pakistan and also about different online part-time jobs for freelancers to make money in an easy and quick way. There is great information gathered for you to utilize in your daily life for online earning. There are a number of websites that offer different jobs and tasks for you to earn online. These jobs are commonly known as micro-jobs. These jobs are usually skill-based jobs. Remember one thing you are never too old to learn a new skill especially related to IT. Most of the IT-related skills are the most demanding skills all over the world and different platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, and people per hour are also helpful in providing different jobs to freelancers. Most Pakistani freelancers are working on these platforms to increase online earning.

Benefits of Freelancing

The one good thing about freelancing is that there is no age limit to working as a freelancer. Earn money online in Pakistan as a college student or as a retired person. It just depends upon your commitment to work and to establish a new source of income. One important thing is how you spend your time on the Internet. Whether you watch only YouTube videos or Netflix series, or you learn any new skill. If you spend more time watching videos, you may lose time and concentration to learn any new skill while learning new skills from YouTube is also possible that can change your life.

Freelancing also gives you an opportunity to make money without any investment. You should have some skills to work on and that’s enough. Now it is the phase to sell your skills and knowledge in the freelancing market. There are a number of markets but Fiver and Upwork are most commonly known by the freelancers.

If you are finding the easiest way to earn money in this digital era, find opportunities on different best freelancing websites in pakistan. You may use your knowledge and skills especially digital and programming skills to enhance pk online earning just by doing assigned work from home.

Best Websites and Online Earning Apps in Pakistan

It is highly recommended for individuals to create a side income stream as it is essential if someone wants to achieve financial freedom. They should start to online earning through best online earning app in pakistan. This side income may help individuals in different works like when they need money for traveling, home repair, medicine, or education. They may save money to complete different plans after retirement. A side income stream is also important to cope with the rising inflation. If you are interested to make some extra money, the most preferred way should be an online earning site. These online websites are equally beneficial whether you are a student, a professional, or even a housewife. The key reason behind the working of a number of individuals on different digital skills is to generate extra income because, in the digital world, there are infinite opportunities awaiting you.

Although, there are a number of websites all over the world that are working as a platform for freelancers. It is not possible to discuss all of these websites in a single blog. But it tried to discuss the 25 most popular websites that are offering online learning for skilled individuals. All the online earning websites in this blog are discussed just in a sequence without any grading.



BrandsRope is a new and emerging online selling website where Pakistani people can easily sell their products. There is no need to send products to BrandsRope when you want to start sales. There is only a need to open an account on BrandsRope. As BrandsRope is an online selling platform, it provides you the space to sell your products under your own brand name. There are different categories made for the convenience of the customers but three main categories are Men’s, Women’s, and Kid’s. other categories are related to these categories.

There are excellent opportunities at the BrandsRope for emerging sellers who take an interest to earn through an online platform. Selling through BrandsRope will not only increase their sales but also give them a chance to enhance their presence in the digital world. We are living in a digital era where shopping is done through mobile phones, laptops, or tablets. The presence in the digital world is inevitable, especially for small retailers. Ignoring digital presence may lead to a loss in the future while having a strong digital presence may increase their chances for success.



YouTube is basically a video-sharing platform that later offered monetization. Now everyone can easily make a channel on YouTube and after having a specific number of subscribers and watch time, he can apply for monetization. After monetization, YouTube starts paying him a specific amount according to the views and watching time of the videos available on his channel. There are billions of people who watch videos on YouTube every day. There are millions of channels available on YouTube from which viewers can choose the channels to view according to their moods, taste, and needs. These features are attractive and people from all over the world like YouTube to watch videos. It is a great opportunity to increase online earn money in Pakistan by creating informative or entertaining content.

If you make a channel on YouTube on a specific niche and use unique content for it, there is a chance that people will like it. If it attracts people and generates traffic, you will be able to get a handsome amount from YouTube after monetization. There is an increase observed in the income of YouTube channels in the last few years. It is highly recommended to choose a niche that can help people to solve their problems. This type of niche will increase your chance of success a lot on YouTube and enhance your online earn money in Pakistan.

There are a number of Pakistani YouTubers that are running their channels successfully and increasing their pk online earning. Some of them have taken millions of subscribers. If you think you are able to make a channel on YouTube and can upload unique content on it, it will be an easy way to online earn money in Pakistan as there are many people who are earning thousands of dollars just by YouTube.

Google Adsense

google adsense

If you know how Google Adsense works, you may know it is one of the easiest ways to earn money online. You just need to have a website or blog where you can add something interesting for people. Basically, Google Adsense is an advertisement program that offers registration for free. They send you a code after registration to add to your website. After registration with Google Adsense, you will be able to get money from the monetization of the website.

Now we discuss how Google Adsense works. After registration, you have to select which type of ads you want to allow and see on your blog or website. After selecting the type of ad, you may choose the placement of ads. When ads will be placed on your website or blog, you may get a share from Google.

It is significant to note that Google distributes about 68% of its revenue to website owners. In this way, it can be said that whenever Google gets $100 from advertisers, it pays $68 from it to the publishers of web and blog pages. If your website or blog is attractive, you may generate much more traffic on it. Remember, your income is based upon the traffic you generate to your website or blog. The more traffic you generate, the more income you will earn from Google Adsense.

The good thing is that there is a big number of Pakistani people who are already running their different websites and blogs and earning a lot from Google Adsense. Daily Pakistan. Urdu Point, Pro Pakistani, and Techjuice are some of the websites that are top of the list and earning a lot from Google Adsense.



If you are a freelancer and looking for different projects especially digital projects including web designing, UI/UX designing, graphic designing, or content writing for blogs, you may find work on Fiverr. There are different people who outsource the projects to freelancers. Fiverr is basically a place that provides a method for interactions for both freelancers and business owners. On Fiverr, the term Buyer is a substitute for business owners. In the same way, the term sellers is a substitute for freelancers that sell their services on Fiverr.

Instead of a bidding system, Fiverr has another approach. Seller may publish their gigs so that buyers can contact the sellers according to their requirements. Fiverr has a payment system that deducts its commission which is generally 20%. Fiverr releases the remaining amount which is about 80% for freelancers.       

There are about 3.42 million active buyers on Fiverr that hire different freelancers from all over the world. The project-based pricing is offered at Fiverr instead of hourly rates. If you are a freelancer on Fiverr, you may choose any method for payment like a debit card, Wire transfer, and PayPal. There is 24/7 customer support available for users. Besides that, the payments are protected at Fiverr and no personal information is leaked anywhere.

Fiverr is one of the most popular platforms among Pakistani freelancers as there is a number of Pakistani freelancers working on Fiverr and selling different skills and increasing pk online earning. There are some courses also offered by different trainers about how to sell your gig on Fiverr.



From the most commonly known freelancing websites that connect clients and freelancers from all over the world, Upwork is the best known for its services. There are different categories that vary from web design to software development and from customer service to accounting. On this website, clients can see the project catalog while freelancers can also post requests or bids on the job board to get hired.

If you are a freelancer and want to start work on Upwork, make a profile first. The client can check your profile while hiring you. You can add your work experience and expertise to your profile. If you earn more, you will have to pay less fees to Upwork like 20% for projects below $500 while it may decrease at a higher amount. PayPal, wire transfers, and direct transfers are options for freelancers to get their money from Upwork.

Upwork is also a platform that is much popular among Pakistani freelancers as most Pakistanis are selling their services on Upwork and increasing online earn money in Pakistan through this platform. There are different trainers who are giving different pieces of training online and in traditional classrooms about this platform.

Another big name in the freelancing websites is where different companies try to find skilled persons as a freelancer to work on their projects. Skilled persons having different skills register as freelancers to get hired for any project. There is a wide range of expertise for clients to hire the freelancer as per the requirement.

If you sign up as a freelancer, there will be a registration form to be filled out by you according to your skills and expertise. This detail also includes the educational background and work experience of the freelancers. This detail is helpful for clients when they hire any freelancer for their projects.

Every freelancer has a chance to participate in contests in his field like design work. Freelancers can earn money as well as reviews by participating in these contests. These contests can help to increase their profile strength.

The freelancers receive their payments after completing the job. For different types of projects, the website takes 10% charges of the total payment. PayPal and wire transfers are commonly used methods for payments and withdrawals.   After Fiverr and Upwork, Freelancer is a platform where most Pakistanis are working to increase their pk online earning.

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If you are interested to hire highly qualified or highly skilled professionals from the industry or if you are a highly skilled professional then try Toptal. There is a wide range of professionals available at Toptal from web designers to web developers and from finance consultants to product managers.

If you are interested to get registered as a freelancer at Toptal, will have to clear a five steps screening process of the platform. This screening may require your assessment from your command of the English language to expertise in the skill set you are applying for. The screening process of the platform ensures that there are only 3% of top professionals working here.

Passing the screening test will give you a chance to work with different big names like Motorola or Airbnb while failing the screening test will result in holding up your application for a few months.The freelancer can take their payments in their local bank or in their PayPal or Payoneer accounts. Toptal ensures payments through its service called TopTracker.

Although there are fewer chances for freelancers to clear the screening process at Toptal, it is a big opportunity for different talented freelancers who are confident to clear the screening process. As Toptal claims to have the top 3% of freelancers onboard, the wages of freelancers are also very high on this platform. Now it is up to Pakistani Freelancers how they convert the difficulty of screening into a great opportunity for earning.


Guru is also a well-known freelancing platform for freelancers where companies and individuals hire skilled people for different projects. These projects may belong to graphic designing, product management, or programming.

When you sign up and make a profile as a freelancer, you have to add your skills to it. There is an easy way to sign up and the good thing is that this website recommends jobs according to your skill set, work experience, and profile as a freelancer.

There is a chance to work on a short-term project or to get hired for a long-term project with a client. Including PayPal and wire transfers, there are multiple methods to receive payments. The payments are secured by the platform with SafePay protection to ensure payments in time.  Pakistani freelancers can get the benefit of this platform to increase their pk online earning.

There are two types of memberships on Guru. The fee is basic membership or paid membership. You may get work on free membership but with a paid membership, you may strengthen your profile to stand out from the crowd.


If you are a freelancer and looking for remote and flexible job opportunities that may include full-time, part-time, or even freelance projects, Flexjobs is a highly recommended platform for you. There are a number of job categories that are posted on job boards. These categories are ranging from training and development to journalism and writing jobs.

Flexjobs is highly recommended for legitimate jobs as the website verifies the jobs and filters out fake companies and scammers. One good thing is that this company does not display any ads on its web pages while it is a common practice on different other websites. If any freelancer wants to get a job on Flexjobs, he should sign up for a subscription. The subscription starts from $6.95 per week. By using a subscription, you may get access to a number of jobs even you can apply to unlimited jobs according to your profile and skill set. You may use Paypal for the subscriptions with a thirty days satisfaction guarantee period. If you do not feel satisfied with the service, you may choose the option of a full refund to get your money back within thirty days.

There are a number of Pakistani freelancers who are working as a writer. They are blog or article writers, research report or business proposal writers, e-book writers, or even ghostwriters. If they find opportunities available on Flexjobs, they can easily increase their pk online earning without even adding any extra skill.


The way of working of Simply Hired is a bit different from other websites or freelance platforms as it posts the jobs on internet from all over the world. It is easy to find jobs according to your desired category as the clear user interface of Simply Hired helps a lot in searching.   

If you are interested to find out a job for yourself, you may just fill out the search box as per your specific skills. There is a renumber of jobs ranging from marketing and finance and many other different fields. You can also narrow down the search results by adding different types of information like city names or ZIP codes.

The good thing about this platform is that the company information is easily available and job seekers can access this information while taking decisions to work with any company. The information may include job benefits, salary structure, and employee reviews.

One more benefit Simply Hired gives its users is to browse without even having a profile but if you want more information like resume-building tools or salary information, the account is essential for it.

Those Pakistani who are in search of a job can also try this platform to increase their pk online earning.

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As we have discussed different freelancing websites before, there is a difference between Behance and other websites. The main difference is that Behance is basically a networking website with a key focus on creative talent. People make their profiles and portfolio of their creative work. This creative work may vary from illustration and animation to web designs and graphic designs.

The main thing is that there is a large number of different potential employers present on Behance that can employ any person having good skills. You can make a profile on Behance just by signing up on the website. As discussed before that this is a networking website where people share their profiles. If you share your profile in a creative way and follow more people, there will be more chances to find jobs or creative projects from your contacts. Behance also publishes a list of different potential jobs to which every freelancer can apply according to their skill set.

This website is also in Pakistan and different professionals especially creative-minded people have created their profiles on this website. this website helps them to increase their presence in the digital world. Besides that. they also increase their pk online earning.


If you are looking for any job related to the designers then 99design is an excellent option for you. It is a platform specifically for designers and offers opportunities to collaborate among businesses and designers. You may find different projects here from logo design to clothing designs. If you are a logo designer, a graphic designer, a web designer, a book cover designer, or even a 3d designer, you may try to look for projects on 99designs.   

You will have to build a profile upon signing up, the profile will include your skills and work experience. The team consists of design professionals who will review your profile. A specific work level will be allotted to you after the review of your profile. More visibility is given to the higher levels of work.

It is tried to make the job search process easy at 99designs. The jobs are categorized according to the design categories, styles, and industries. You can apply for the jobs according to your expertise as you will have access to the job to choose from the list publishes on the website.

There is a comparatively higher fee of 99designs working with a new client will cost you $100 initially while platform commission will be charged from 5% to 15%. Freelancers use Payoneer or PayPal to receive payments. Most of the time the payments are disbursed in three working days. You may get the payment early if you have a higher level at 99designs.

This is also a great platform for Pakistani freelancers who are working as graphic designers. Just by doing a little more effort, they can get better projects on this platform which which may result in an increase of their online earn money in Pakistan.


If you have created your portfolio and using it on any platform, there will be higher chances for you to get hired at Dribble. You have to just sign up to make an account on the dribble and upload your designs to create your portfolio.

You may search the job board if you are in search of a job. There are a number of jobs posted here in different categories like UI/UX design or content writing. The important thing is that these jobs are not limited to premium users only while freelance jobs are limited to premium users only.

There are different premium version available at Dribble that ranges from $5 to $15. Pro version users can upload their videos and multi-shot images to enhance their careers.  Priority is also given to premium accounts while clients do search for freelancers.

Dribble has also an attractive user interface that attracts users. It is also a platform that is specifically designed for designers. Many Pakistanis are already working on it. If you are a graphic designer, you may have more chances to increase your income from the skills.

People per hour

As expressed in the name, people per hour is a platform to support businesses in search of freelancers to hire. This hiring can be both on per hour basis or a project basis. There are millions of freelancers that are working in different industries. They work to provide support to different departments like marketing, public relations, and journalism.

If you are a freelancer and want to create an account on people per hour, you can create it for free. The team of People per hour reviews all of the applications before giving approval to them. Once the application is approved, you can start finding jobs as per your profile and skill set. There is no limitation of any specific category, you may find jobs in different categories.

The Freelancers at people per hour can set prices and send offers while working on a project. They can generate the invoice on the dashboard after finishing the projects. It is a good place for freelancers who are interested to increase pk online earning.

There is also a service fee of people per hour. If you are earning $350 then it will be 20%. The good thing is that the service fee is less when you earn more.


ServiceScape is a platform that focuses on translation work, freelance writing, and editorial work. This platform helps freelancers to enhance their profiles and work portfolios. Promotion to the client database is also possible on this platform.

There is a bit of a difference in the selection process between ServiceScap and other platforms. At SeviceScape, you cannot send proposals or bids as a freelancer. Instead of that, the client first checks your profile and then assigns you a project according to your skills. It is because you should have a strong profile to stand out from the crowd on this platform.

There is a possibility of messages and conference calls on this platform as employers and freelancers can interact with each other here easily.

The one thing that is not in the favor of freelancers is the huge percentage of commission. The website charges a 50% commission from the payment after the completion of the project. Freelancers may use PayPal, check and Gusto as payment methods at ServiceScape.

The key focus of this freelancing website is mainly on writing and graphic work. It is also a good marketplace where you can find writing or graphic-related work. There are very few Pakistanis on this website, especially for Urdu work and a less competitive environment. It is because there are more chances of earning and growth in your field.


There is another freelancing website named TaskRabbit. As most freelancing platforms provide different jobs that are related to digital marketing and programming while TaskRabbit is a platform that offers different physical jobs like assembling furniture or grocery shopping. There are different day-to-day tasks posted on the website. TaskRabbit is basically a service provider that connects different freelancers with clients to perform different tasks on the same day.

As most freelancing platforms offer jobs for professionals and experienced people, TaskRabbit lists simple tasks. These tasks are as simple as car washing, furniture fixing, delivery of any item, or grocery shopping for a person. You may create an account and select a category of work according to your choice, expertise, and experience.

There is a background and review check at TaskRabbit. After approval from the team, the freelancer can join the platform by paying a registration fee of $25. After that, they can search for different tasks at TaskRabbit.

The client directly deposits the fee after the completion of the task. There are no service charges for freelancers at TaskRabbit while clients have to pay a fee while consuming services.

Like other freelancing websites and platforms, TaskRabbit is not available in Pakistan even though it is available only in the US so we can say that only overseas Pakistani that are living in the US can get the benefits of that platform.


There are different professional designers registered to work on DesignHill. DesignHill is a platform that helps businesses to find quality resources in the field of design. Logo designers, web designers, book cover designers, and brochure designers, all categories are available here at DesignHill.       

If you are a designer, you can also sign up to create an account. After creating an account, you may access a wide range of job postings specifically for freelance design jobs. You may establish strong relationships with clients while growing your work portfolio.

This platform also gives you a chance to build a store to sell in the global market. This is possible by using different tools like business card makers and profit calculators.

For freelancers, the good thing about DesignHill is that they receive the full amount of money while clients have to pay a service fee. Freelancers may get a design job, sell through the store, or participate in the contest. freelancers can use PayPal and Payoneer as the channels for payment withdrawals on this website.

AngelList Talent

As most freelancing platforms give you opportunities to work with different clients or businesses but the key difference between AngelList Talent and other freelancing is that the key focus of AngelList Talent is on startups and upcoming businesses. AngelList Talent tries to make connections between startups and freelancers.

If you want to work with startups, AngelList Talent is the best place for you as it makes the connection with the startups easy. AngelList Talent streamlines your application process as one application for thousands of jobs is also possible here at AngelList Talent. There is also a chance that you work for a startup and that startup rises becomes a big name. Through AngelList Talent you may join a big name of the future today.

One important thing is that AngelList Talent has become Wellfound now.

We Work Remotely

If we see the website We Work Remotely, claims that there are three million users who add to get different services from here. The job categories may include programming, sales and marketing, designing, customer support, and many more. There are both full-time and freelance jobs available on the We Work Remotely website.

There is a fee of $299 for companies that want to hire freelancers. The screening process of We Work Remotely remove the low-quality job to ensure the quality of the job postings. This shows its commitment to provide as a legit platform in the world of freelancing. You can directly hit the job as creating a profile is not necessary here.      

For different online freelancing jobs, we work remotely is one of the best platforms where you can find a number of jobs as per your experience and skill set.


We all know about Amazon as it is a company that has reshaped the meaning of shopping. Amazon is the largest retailer in the world that offers online purchases. Initially start with books, now Amazon is selling millions of products all over the world. There is good news for Pakistani people that Amazon has included Pakistan in its seller’s list. Now Pakistani people can also make a seller’s account and sell products online through Amazon. Besides that, there are different other opportunities available for freelancers in Pakistan to increase their online earn money in Pakistan.

There is a model of dropshipping that many Pakistani freelancers are using to increase their earning. They take orders and transfer the details to the manufacturers. The manufacturer directly supplies to the customer and freelancers take commissions on sales.

There are different sellers who hire freelancers for product listings as product listing has become very crucial for sellers of Amazon. Some of the freelancers are working as chat support agents for different Amazon sellers while some are providing some SEO services to make the products more visible on the site.

As there are different freelancers working with sellers on Amazon, the best thing is that create an account on Amazon to sell our own products. It is one of the most valuable things we can do to increase online earning. It is the most profitable way for freelancers to start a complete business without investing much more amount to start their own brands.

Although, most people know that Amazon is only an online retail seller, one big thing is that now Amazon is offering its web services with the name of Amazon Web Services. It may also bring different opportunities for our freelance programmers and software experts to increase online earning.


Most people know about Shutterstock for its images available on the website. You can buy an image according to your need and choice. People use these images in different projects or products. For example, if you are going to start your gym, you may use different gym pictures to advertise your own gym. The opportunity for different freelancers is that they can upload different images on Shutterstock. These images could be related to different fields like scenic views, office environments, student activities, animals in natural environments, historical places, and many more.

Images are not the only option available at Shutterstock. There are different video clips and sounds are also available. Shutterstock provides a commission to the contributors who upload images and videos on Shutterstock. Although there are some levels of Shutterstock to qualify. If you reach the highest level of contributors, you can easily earn about 40% commission on the sale of each image of you. There is a big chance for Pakistani freelance photographers to upload images and videos on Shutterstock and earn a handsome commission on the sale of these videos and images.

Shutterstock does not compromise on the quality of the images and videos but if you provide quality content to Shutterstock, this will be the way you can earn a reasonable amount of money while sleeping at night. There are much more opportunities available for Pakistanis on Shutterstock to increase online earning as Pakistan is full of scenic views. Whether these are related to historical places pics, agriculture, or different scenic views, every type of image is not only possible but also available to capture easily. these images can help the freelancer to increase their pk online earning. There is a need for enthusiasm to grab these opportunities.

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If you have ever been associated with any academy, you will consider that Udemy has changed the way of learning all over the world.  It is a good platform for those who are good at teaching and coaching skills. If you are good at teaching and coaching skills and know any specific skill like digital marketing, selling on Amazon, have a good command of graphic designing, or know how to work on Shopify, you can try to launch a course on Udemy to increase online earn money in Pakistan. There are a great number of courses available online on Udemy. People buy courses from Udemy who want to enhance their skills and profile strength.

There are a lot of opportunities that a skilled person can avail. If you have good skills and knowledge about digital marketing, you can launch the course about it. In the same way, if you are good at conducting research, you can launch a course about research methods. The business model of Udemy is also on a commission-sharing basis. If your course is selling on Udemy, you can earn a reasonable commission on it. It is also a way to earn money even when you are sleeping. There are a lot of graduates passing from different universities, they can easily prepare their courses and then can launch these courses on Udemy. Although there are some other websites that offer online learning opportunities, Udemy is currently the most popular all over the world.


If you are interested to work on any e-commerce platform where you can make your own store and launch your brand, Shopify is the best choice for you.  It is a platform that allows you to create an online store and sell on multiple places like social media, websites, or even mobile phones. Shopify also gives you services regarding inventory management, shipping, and payments. One additional benefit that Shopify gives you is its cloud-based platform. You will not face any maintenance or upgrading issues. You may start your business from anywhere in the world.

It is a good opportunity for Pakistani freelancers that they can create their own stores and launch their own brands through Shopify. You can buy your own domain name and then can link it with Shopify. Those retailers who have their own shops can easily increase their sales through Shopify just by creating their store on Shopify to sell their products online besides traditional selling.


Most people in Pakistan are afraid of different fraudulent activities that happen not only in Pakistan but in different regions of the world. These fraudulent activities are not limited to traditional work but the digital world is also not safe from these activities. It is because there is a need for a platform or app which is legit and there is some guarantee from the Government of Pakistan. If you are searching for a secure and safe app to earn money online that is reliable and State Bank of Pakistan supports it, go for PomPak.

This is basically a digital platform with excellent opportunities for savings. You can invest in different government-backed schemes for saving purposes. The minimum investment required is just Rs. 100 and you can get a profit about 11% per annum. This app has a user-friendly interface and you can easily start using it just by signing up. There is no need to worry about it as this app has government backing from the State Bank of Pakistan. If you have an interest to grow your income on your savings then try to use PomPak as it is an easy and secure way to increase income.


A side gig for extra earnings, Zareklamy, is an upcoming online money-earning app available for the people of Pakistan. oy have to complete some tasks from your mobile phone or from your laptop or desktop. By completing these tasks, you may get paid from the App. You may earn by writing different comments and reviews, leaving engagement on different social media websites, answering online surveys, watching videos, and subscribing to newsletters. You may earn $115 according to the official website however there is no upper than how much you can earn.  PayPal, Payoneer, Wise, and bank transfer are the methods to withdraw the payments.

Opinion App (Triaba)

Very few people know that there is an app that allows earning by giving your opinion only. Triaba, an online earning platform is basically an opinion app that allows you to share your opinion regarding different things. Your opinion could be related to different topics, products, or events. This app requires your answers in the form of surveys. The App allows them to earn gift cards or even some extra cash. You may earn some extra money while sharing your opinion with the world. You may also get some extra money while referring other people from your social circle. They could be your family members or even friends. Referring someone adds extra points to your account. If you are more than 18 years of age and have a valid Pakistani ID card, you are eligible to earn extra money after submitting an opinion.

Other Online Earning Apps in Pakistan

There are different online earning websites that work as a platform for freelancers have been discussed. Most of them are available in Pakistan while some are available only for overseas Pakistanis. Besides these online earning platforms, this article also gives information about some other apps regarding online earning.  The important thing is that most people don’t know about these earning apps. You may read the summarized information regarding these apps below.

Daraz Games

For gamers, Daraz Games is also an app that allows you a chance of earning. Here you will have to play different games. Daraz is one of the best online selling platforms in Pakistan. Many people use Daraz for online business Pakistan and online selling in Pakistan. You can also use it for online selling products in Pakistan. Daraz also offers this facility to its customers as you play games, you will get different types of discounts on your purchase on Daraz.


Another game app, Winzo also offers cash prizes for playing games like Daraz Games. You can select the games according to your choice and can get earn different points. On this app, you can compete in different contests as well. You can compete with other players while playing the games.


Mcent is an Android browser that pays the users that download through it. The payment could be in the form of monthly packages or recharge. It is easily available at Google Play Store.


after completing some tasks, RewardBase also allows you to earn some extra money. These tasks include browsing through it, signing in on different websites recommended by the App, or submitting surveys.


For saving on online shopping, Savyour is an app that allows you to do so. If you spend money on any online shopping and want some discount on it, use Savyour. If you spend more, you will get more chances of cashback rewards. This app is good for those who take an interest in online shopping. Most people take an interest in online selling products in Pakistan but this app gives rewards to the buyers. Buyers get a reward for the purchase of the products online by using this app.

There are different freelancing platforms that are offering a number of opportunities to freelancers in different categories. These categories may vary from graphic design to content writing and web development to data entry. There are already a big number of Pakistani freelancers that are working on these platforms. Most Pakistanis are working on Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer. They consider that these are the most popular platforms for Pakistani freelancers. Besides that, some freelancers from Pakistan are working on other platforms as well. Yet there are great opportunities waiting for them. Now there is a need to explore these opportunities on different platforms or different apps that are available in Pakistan.

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If you’re looking for the best jacket brands in Pakistan, you’ve come to the right place! Winters are just around the corner, and jackets are one of the essential items in winter. When it comes to dwelling warm in winter, jackets are a necessary component of your wardrobe. In Pakistan, where the winters can be […]


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